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East End Logistics offers excellent door to door, door to airport and airport to airport cargo services for all the African communities in the UK. With the great success of freight services to Asia, East End Logistics believes to bring new dimension to cargo and courier serve the African market.

Especially for your needs, we are offering a comprehensive cargo service. Whether you need to get sent excess luggage, gifts, personal or commercial goods to everywhere in Africa by Air Cargo or express courier – we will provide you the affordable solutions.

Our extensive service covers: Door to Door Air Cargo to Africa, Door to Airport Shipping to Africa, Airport to Airport Shipping to Africa, Air Freight Forwarding to Africa, Door to Port Cargo to Africa, Port to Port Cargo to Africa, Port to Door to Africa, Sea Freight Forwarding to Africa, Vehicle Shipping to Africa, Van Shipping to Africa, Truck Shipping to Africa, Roll On Roll Off Shipping to Africa, Bus Shipping to Africa, Door to Door Air Cargo to Africa Subcontinent, Door to Door Sea Cargo to Africa Subcontinent, Ship Personal Belongings to Africa, Send Clothes to Africa, Baby Products to Africa, Student Shipping to Africa, Laptop Shipping to Africa, TV Shipping to Africa, Phones Shipping to Africa, Kitchen Appliances Shipping to Africa, Send Parcels by Air to Africa, Send Parcels by Sea to Africa, Send Courier to Africa, Air Freight Forwarding Africa, Sea Freight Forwarding Africa, Industrial Machinery Shipping Africa, Cardboard Boxes to Africa, Excess Baggage Shipping Africa, Clothes Shipping to Africa, Electronics Goods Shipping to Africa, TV Shipping to Africa, Door To Door Cargo to Africa, Commercial Shipping to Africa, Pallet Delivery to Africa, Barrel Shipping to Africa, Parcel Shipping to Africa, Freight Forwarding to Africa, Send Courier to Africa, Container Shipping to Africa, Groupage Shipping to Africa, Boxes Shipping to Africa, Industrial Machinery Shipping to Africa, Kitchen Appliances Shipping to Africa, Baby Items Shipping to Africa, Frozen Food Shipping to Africa, Gaming Consoles Shipping to Africa, Books Shipping to Africa, Vehicle Shipping to Africa, House Removals to Africa.


Door to Door Service

Door/Airport to Airport

(Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, East London)

Send Excess Baggage To South Africa

Export Commercial Goods

For private purpose or commercial cargo, East End Logistics will offer you an excellent, safe and secure service with collection from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

For our door to door service we delivery to nearly every part in Africa. Otherwise you are able to use our airport to airport or door to airport service. East End Logistics will serve all major ports and airports in all the African countries.



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