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East End Logistics new branch opened in Fordham Street, E1 1HS, London

Great News

Eastend Logistics has opened new branch in Fordham Street E1 1HS

Cargo to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan& Africa

Customer can enjoy affordable introductory offer to send cargo to Bangladesh. The full address is: East End Logistics, 15 Fordham Street, London, E1 1HS, Phone: 02077027005.

All of our regular services are available here including- Cargo to Bangladesh, Cargo to India along with air freight, shipping, DHL, Fedex.

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East End Logistics Loves Football

East End Logistics not only sends cargo and courier, we also love football. We have sponsored a local football club that full of young football enthusiastic and aspire players. Aberfeldy Football Club established in 2013 with players from East End of London.

 Aberfeldy Football Club FOOTBALL NOW

East End Logistics specialized in sending cargo to Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, specialized in sending courier to Middle East and wholesaler of selling DHL. We are also a drop off point of UPS and Service Centre of Fedex.
In Bangladesh we are partner with S A Poribahan, Sundorbon and Jononi Poribahan. Through their delivery point all over the country was are able you take your cargo anywhere in Bangladesh. We make cargo to Bangladesh a pleasant experience for our customer.
We have door to door service in India and Pakistan. Our promise to provide the best service at an affordable cost is always a high priority.  
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Cargo to Bangladesh New Advertisement

Cargo to Bangladesh – New Offer

January 2014 has brought new opportunity for our customers who would like to send cargo to Bangladesh. Cheap cargo to Bangladesh is only possible when the airlines like Biman sells their service to us at a cheaper price. We are happy to say that we have an excellent service for cargo to Bangladesh from UK which is cheaper. You can now send your cargo to Bangladesh with confident.

We have the following advert created as part of our new campaign. This TV advert is running at the moment in Channel s, NTV UK and Channel 9 UK.

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