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International Student Shipping – Excess Baggage Luggage, Moving & Relocating

Student Shipping

Student friendly Shipping










A Low-Cost Student Shipping Service that Wins Your Trusts 

East End Logistics is a students friendly shipping, cargo, courier company that is able to offerer the students exclusive service for their excess baggage, luggage, moving, relocating, or even sending documents, gifts or parcel delivery requirements. Being close to major universities in London, including Queen Mary University of London, University of East London, London Metropolitan University, Newcastle University London, Anglia Ruskin University London, City University of London, University of Liverpool in London, King’s College London – it is our day to day habit to sever students for all of their shipping requirements.

Don’t overload the taxi and rear of your moms and dad’s automobile or pay a unknown guy in a van; talk to us regarding protected and risk-free transportation of your excess baggage, luggage, moving, relocation, sending documents, gifts and for that we have air cargo, sea cargo, parcel or courier delivery service. We’ll take all your excess baggage and individual items virtually anywhere, across the country or internationally. We also supply a high class storage space – only without the astronomical fees.

Right here’s what we could provide:

> Cardboard boxes delivered to your address,
> Packing materials including parcel tape, bubble wrap and also marker pen.
> Secure Storage for 2 weeks prior to delivering overseas (if required).
> Repacking (after collection) for suitcases, backpacks, bicycles, snowboards, skis, golf bags, guitars, flat-screen TVs, paintings and mounted photos.

Essentially, we’ll turn up at your door, offer you boxes if you need them, accumulate your things as well as transport it to your picked location or, depending on your order, to among our secure storage facilities up until additional notification. So, just what do you think? Can we operate? If so, have a look at our trainee shipping locations for each and every nation.

We’ll take all your excess baggage as well as personal possessions practically anywhere, country wide or globally. In a nutshell, we’ll turn up at your door, offer you boxes if you need them, accumulate your stuff as well as transport it to your chosen destination or, depending on your order, to one of our secure storage centers up until further notice. If so, please call on 02077027005 now or fill the form quotation form.

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Shipping Courier Parcel Letter to USA from UK











Sending a parcel to the USA? At East End Logistics, we offer both quick, next-day USA parcel distribution together with cheap economy delivery to the USA from everywhere across the UK. Our substantial purchasing power allows us to offer prices that are even below the standard rates for shipping to the USA by the major shipping services including DHL, UPS, FedEx, Parcelforce. Unlike sending article to the USA, East End Logistics gives quickly shipping with real-time parcel monitoring tracking facility. All our shipments provide authorised for distribution, as specification.

Delivering from the UK to the USA, is not as simple as sending out a package deal down the roadway. There are documents and personalised clearance to think about, consider, or even how you can securely package your parcel. However do not stress, whether you’re sending airmail or sending food, shipping luggage or sending out gifts to the USA, East End Logistics fully extensive service provides you with everything you require to understand about sending out parcels to America.

Get in touch with us today on 020 7702 7005 or email or get a quotation. 

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Shipping Air Freight, Cargo of Personal Effects, Excess Luggage to India from UK

Cargo to India

Cargo to all over India by East End Logistics











Exporting as well as Shipping Air Freight, Cargo of Personal Effects, Excess Luggage to India from UK

East End Logistics is professional in global exporting as well as shipping of personal goods, excess baggage, air cargo to India from UK. We have some of the most affordable air freight rates to India, and also our rates include all costs of exporting your individual things from UK up to the location airport terminal at India as well as direct to your door all over India.

Procedure For Shipping Air Cargo to India

Contact us with the weight of your package/baggage/luggage as well as the measurements of your baggage or box. We require the length, width, as well as height of your box or luggage. There is no minimum weight of air freight shipment to India. There is no maximum weight, as well as you can send as high as you yearn for. We provide discounts for items more than 30kgs for cargo to India.

We will then email you an air freight packaging list which you need to finish to enable us to provide you a precise quote along with to enable us to make a booking.

When we verify the booking for sending your cargo from the UK to India, you can either drop your cargo to a local post office or we can arrange the collection from home or work in anywhere in the UK.

Once we will get your goods in our hand. we’ll email you the invoice. Upon your payment we will certainly ship your cargo to India and provide you the tracking information.

Get in touch with us with the weight of your cargo and the measurements of your luggage, baggage or box and we’ll provide you the best rate and the safe and secure cargo service to India.

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Cheapest Air Cargo Service to Nepal from the UK










East End Logistics will certainly go to any type of lengths or statures to guarantee that your products obtain their end safely as well as offer you options on offer when you have to send out air cargo to Nepal from UK.

East End Logistics is a leading firm in UK giving cargo forwarding, excess baggage delivery, air cargo, sea cargo and freight shipping to different parts of the globe. Our devotion as well as effort has assisted us to gain a large no of valued consumers who constantly utilize our companies whenever they have to send cargo to Nepal or anywhere else.

In case you need to chase after down a reduced expense cargo delivery business to send out air cargo to Nepal, you need to look no additionally. Schedule and pay to send out an air cargo to Nepal quickly and successfully through our site, and also when your plan is prepared you can get a pick up prepared

Later on you can rest in peace and also merely examine its innovation using our freight radar by simply going into the freight tracking no provided to you.

Contact us to schedule your cargo to Nepal from UK. 

Charges in the table are Flight terminal to Flight terminal air cargo rates to Nepal from UK. Cargo service by East End Logistics, which is a reputed firm which supplies the finest and also cheapest rates in industry for cargo to Nepal. Once again, East End Logistics cargo service to Nepal is one of the very couple of firms who have their very own network for distributing your cargo in Nepal.

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East End Logistics – Shipping Your Excess Baggage at the Best Rate

The truth is that there is a wide array of situations which may require considering options for shipping your excess baggage to another country. In any case, the most important thing that you’d have to account for is the reliability of the shipping carrier. East End Logistics is a company with extensive background and a lot of time worth of professional experience in the shipping field. We offer affordable shipping services of the highest quality in order to ensure that we meet the requests and demands of our customer. We thrive in delivering your luggage on time and at the desired location. Our company is here to ensure a hassle-free and incredibly smooth transportation process in order to make you feel safe about your personal belongings.


Cheap Excess Baggage Luggage Delivery Before or After a Long Holiday

You’ve planned the longest holiday of the year because you’ve finally managed to take enough days off from work. You intend to go on an exotic sea trip on the opposite side of the world, and you’ve commenced packing. Accounting for everything that could possibly go wrong, you’ve neatly packed up your bags to their very limits. You’ve weighed them prior to getting to the airport simply because you don’t want to take any chances. All seems fine. All but one – you’ve forgotten the returning trip and all the souvenirs and additional baggage that you’d come home with. Don’t worry – East End Logistics is going to take care of it. With global coverage, all you need to do is inform us about your current whereabouts and we’ll pick up those extra bags, and we’d provide you with door to door unaccompanied luggage baggage shipping for your own convenience.


A Variety of Shipping Options

East End Logistics is well aware of the time and effort that the different shipping options are going to take. This is why we are presenting our customers with tailored services which are appropriate for their particular and individual situation. By offering both air freight and sea freight for excess baggage, we cover all the possibilities to deliver the perfect service at the best price.

Shipping Your Excess Baggage has never been easier. All you need to do is pick up the phone and contact us to get you all sorted out. Our global coverage ensures that we can cater to your every particular demand, regardless of the collecting or unloading destination. We offer door to door unaccompanied luggage baggage shipping in order to allow you to use your time to its fullest potential and never worry about your baggage.

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How to Save Money When Sending Excess Baggage

Yes, it is possible to save money: Transporting your belongings to another location when you move can be quite pricey if you are unfamiliar with what to do. From your clothing to furniture and everything in between, shipping these items across the country can end up costing you. There are many of options available for you when you have to send excess baggage or luggage to a new location. These options are based on what types of things you are sending, such as shipping household goods, the quantity, your budget and how quickly you need things to arrive at the new location.


Available Shipping Options: If you are in need of sending your goods quickly, you may opt for a professional removal company for the best budget friendly and affordable option. This is because these shipping options are based on the rates and sizes of your unaccompanied luggage and baggage being shipped. If you are in need of shipping personal effects or gifts but don’t need to do so in a rush manner, you could save some money shipping your unaccompanied luggage and baggage through sea freight shipping options. This could take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to get to its destination, but it is cheaper which could save you on those heavier, furniture type items.


Pack Everything Yourself: If you are able to packing all your belongings, you could save additional funds in shipping household goods. This will allow you to have everything ready to go and be shipped when the removal and packing company arrives to your home. Saving time in having to have the company packs and provide your boxes and other packaging goods can save you money in your moving budget.


Air Freight: For others taking your additional luggage through the air and having it shipped could be the cheapest option available. It’s best to check with the airline companies ahead of time to find out their fees and rates. Typically, if you are flying with the airline as well, you will be allowed a few bags for free. The rest may need to be shipped separately for an additional fee. This could be more affordable for you, depending on how much and what you are shipping.


Conclusion: Sending your unaccompanied luggage or baggage doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Instead, there are a variety of shipping options available to you that will allow you to save money and still get all your goods to your new destination on time. It’s best to do your research ahead of time to find the best and most affordable option. Check the pros and cons of all available options to find what works best.

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