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How to reduce cargo cost

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how to reduce cargo cost

1 Choose the smallest possible box. Most of the cargo courier service providers now uses dimensional weight to set charges for shipping. Thus, the price you pay is now the dimensional weight or the actual weight, whichever is greater. Reducing packet size and  packing materials can reduce your shipping costs and keep you from incurring extra charges you won't be able to recover from your customer

2. Most of parcel/cargo sender ends up paying extra just only not for choosing right service. Select the right service.Unless you need a package to arrive the next morning, you don't need to incur the extra cost of air shipping.


3. Negotiate with multiple companies . All shipping companies have pricing schedules based on volume: The more you ship, the lower your rate. But small businesses often don't realize they also may have negotiating power, says Jack Mitchell, president of PANCGroup, a Boston-based parcel appraisal and negotiations consulting firm. If you ship large numbers of packages, compare prices and try to persuade carriers to offer lower rates.
4. Use packaging provided by your carrier. If you use your own packaging, you could face additional "dimensional fees" if your box exceeds the size regulations set by UPS and FedEx. To avoid those extra charges, consider using the packaging provided by your carrier, which doesn't have dimensional fees. By putting a one-pound box into a FedEx envelope, for example,DuBois cut his shipping cost by 15 percent.
5. Ask about association discounts. Find out if your industry's professional association has a partnership with a carrier that offers member discounts. Depending on the size of the association, you could be eligible for discounted rates of up to 50 percent on certain services with carriers like FedEx and UPS.

-by East End Logistics & Digital Marketing Partner

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Door to Door Parcel Courier Cargo to India

Cheapest Cargo, Courier to India.

Cheapest door to door Parcel to India


Save Money and time

Affordable Courier Cargo to India

Door To Door Cargo Courier Service

East End Logistics is the leading Cargo sending company to India from UK since 2008.

Cheapest way to send courier and parcel to India is East End Logistics. We also have cheapest Air freight to India. At East End Logistics, we provide a 100% door to door Courier Parcel Cargo service to India. We’ll pick from your UK or Europe address and deliver to your address anywhere in India. India is the world’s largest democracy in the world and home of about 1.2 billion people. India has strong historical, community and commercial links to the UK. This means that there’s frequent cargo, courier, parcel and postal traffic between India and the UK.

Please Contact US for Details

When you choose East End Logistics to deliver your cargo, courier, parcel and package delivery to India, we’ll give you the option to choose the world’s best and most reliable international services available in the market. East End Logistics draws on more than 10 years industry experience to ensure you receive a service that’s fast, secure and value for money – every single time you need to send a cargo, courier, parcel and package delivery to India.

We have the three of most popular ways to send your goods, parcel, Excess Baggage or gift to India in hand. With Express Courier to India, Door to Door Cargo to India and Air Freight to India your goods and packages such as personal effects, excess baggage and unaccompanied excess baggage will be shipped to India fast and secure. Our Airport to Airport Services, Door to Door Services, Door to Airport Services and Airport to Door Air Freight services are reliable and promise to provide it to host of destinations in India. In fact, our distinctive Door to Door Air Freight / cargo service caters to any destination in India.

We at East End Logistics take pride in the fact the we are the first choice for various corporate houses, exporters and trading houses that rely on our speed, smooth and efficient delivery for all of their cargo shipments to India. We also have a huge client base of students and individuals who are returning back to their homeland after years spent in the UK.



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Shipping Air Freight, Cargo of Personal Effects, Excess Luggage to India from UK

Cargo to India

Cargo to all over India by East End Logistics











Exporting as well as Shipping Air Freight, Cargo of Personal Effects, Excess Luggage to India from UK

East End Logistics is professional in global exporting as well as shipping of personal goods, excess baggage, air cargo to India from UK. We have some of the most affordable air freight rates to India, and also our rates include all costs of exporting your individual things from UK up to the location airport terminal at India as well as direct to your door all over India.

Procedure For Shipping Air Cargo to India

Contact us with the weight of your package/baggage/luggage as well as the measurements of your baggage or box. We require the length, width, as well as height of your box or luggage. There is no minimum weight of air freight shipment to India. There is no maximum weight, as well as you can send as high as you yearn for. We provide discounts for items more than 30kgs for cargo to India.

We will then email you an air freight packaging list which you need to finish to enable us to provide you a precise quote along with to enable us to make a booking.

When we verify the booking for sending your cargo from the UK to India, you can either drop your cargo to a local post office or we can arrange the collection from home or work in anywhere in the UK.

Once we will get your goods in our hand. we’ll email you the invoice. Upon your payment we will certainly ship your cargo to India and provide you the tracking information.

Get in touch with us with the weight of your cargo and the measurements of your luggage, baggage or box and we’ll provide you the best rate and the safe and secure cargo service to India.

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Cheapest Cargo to India – How it works

How to Book a Door to Door Cargo to India?

East End Logistics providing cargo to India service since 2009. We have express courier, door to door cargo and air freight to international airport services to send excess baggage, luggage, gifts, goods, personal effects. documents, letters. We offer low-cost door to door air cargo to all over India. Here are few steps to book your door to door cargo to India with East End Logistics who provide safe, secure and reliable service:

Step 1

> Pack your shipment, baggage, luggage, personal effect in 30kg maximum weight in one package.

> If you have more than one package, weight individual package.

> Take the dimensions of your packages (height, width and length) in centimetre. This will determine the Volumetric Weight of your shipment.

> While you are packing please make a detail packing list of your items.

Step 2

> You could calculate the shipping cost from our published on our website.

> Or call us on 020 7702 7005 or fill the QUOTE form to discuss the rate and cost.

Step 3

> Once you are ready, we’ll collect your packages from your address in the UK for free. We’ll arrange Parcelforce or UPS to collect your packages from your address for that we need 24hours notice. Parcelforce or UPS will bring the items to our depot in East London, where we’ll weight the items and we’ll send you the invoice.

> We’ll need the full detail packing list and recipient’s name, address with post code and phone number and a copy of their ID.

Step 4

> Once the invoice is paid, we’ll provide you the tracking number for your item which will reach your destination door in India in 5-7 working day.


Important Note:

> Our door to door cargo to India is suitable for used household goods and personal effects.

 > This door to door service to India is not suitable for TV, VCR, WASHING MACHINE, MOBILE PHONE, LAPTOP, COMPUTER, LPG COOKING RANGE, MUSIC SYSTEM, AC, REFRIGERATOR, MICROWAVE OVEN, VIDEO CAMERA. If you would like to send these and other white goods, you could use our Air Freight service– with that we’ll send your goods to the nearest international airport in India.

> Calculate the volumetric ( Height in CM x Length in CM x Weight in CM / 5000 = Volumetric weight) and if it is more than your total actual weight then you’ll be charged according to your volumetric weight.

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Send Cargo to Bangladesh India

Send Cargo to Bangladesh India

cargo to Bangladesh India China Nepal


Send Cargo to Bangladesh India with Most trusted Cargo Service

Are looking for sending your extra luggage to Bangladesh or India? Why not send with best cargo service to   Bangladesh/India? We know you would love to send your extra luggage and other bulky items in cheapest possible price with a reliable cargo service provider. East End Logistics is the most reliable Air freight service to South Asia.

Why East End Logistics?

  • Cheapest price
  • Reliable service
  • Fast and secure
  • Fully insured
  • Tracking service**
  • Friendly customer service
  • Collection Service
  • 24 hours UK Delivery
  • 48 hours International delivery

Since 2008   East End Logistics providing cargo, courier and parcel service to Bangladesh and India. East End Logistics is authorised and main agent of Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Air India. East End can send your cargo in cheapest possible price within sort time by 3-5 flights in week. We have facility to send your small parcel and courier by DHL UPS Parcelforce .So call us to check how much you can save.


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Door to Door Cargo to India Rate Card (Economy)

Door to Door cargo to Indian Rate Card (Economy)

The rate includes free collection from anywhere in the UK (Mainland) to anywhere in India. We cover 99% of Indian postcodes. Our UK collection takes place Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. As an Economy service it take 10 to 14 days to reach the destination in India.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PARCEL IS SUBJECT TO VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT. To calculate VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT please measure height, weight and length in CM, times all of the then divide by 5000, the result is the VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT = height x weight x length / 5000.


To India Rates
11KG TO 50KG £3.50/KG
51KG TO 100KG £3.25/KG
100+ KG £3.00/KG

Looking to move your family overseas, relocate your business or just send a package to India. We’re the first choice among students, private individual, business professionals and expats for moving personal effect, belongings across India  safely and on time.

Our friendly sales team are dedicated to helping you discover the most cost-effective and practical shipping solution for your international baggage. They can advise you on whether air freight, door-to-door cargo service or courier service or any combination of the three, is the best option for you.

We can arrange for your belongings to be located, picked and shipped, or simply for them to be dropped off at one of our offices for international shipping.

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Cargo to India Rate Card (Premier)

Door to Door cargo to India Rate Card (Premier)

The rate includes free collection from anywhere in the UK (Mainland) to anywhere in India. We cover 99% of Indian postcodes. Our UK collection takes place Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

To India
01KG TO 05KG £10.00/KG
06KG TO 10KG £5.00/KG
11KG TO 50KG £4.00/KG
51KG TO 100KG £3.75/KG
100+ KG £3.50/KG
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India Customs Regulations

Customs Regulations – India

Sending goods to a country can become difficult-unless you make yourself aware of the customs regulation details of that country. Shipment to be stranded in some port in the country is not a nice experience at all. In some countries especially, customs regulations can be very stringent-and you may suddenly find yourself in a puddle. So, do your homework!

The Indian customs regulations information listed on our website have been collected from several sources including information made-available-by embassies and government websites. However we suggest you to do your own research.

Customs Regulations applicable while Shipping To India
Shipping to India (air freight, sea freight) – Customs Regulations

  • Passport for all family members
  • Visa (to reside in India for at least one year)
  • Inventory, valued in English (indicating date purchased) and itemized (brand, model and serial number of all major appliances must be noted and in English)
  • Indian Customs Declaration Form (to be signed in presence of Customs Officer)
  • Diplomatic shipments require Duty Exemption Certificates from the government of India
  • Insurance policy


  • Used household goods and personal effects are duty-free for foreign nationals and Indians transferring residence to India provided:
    • The goods have been owned and used for a minimum of one year prior to importation
    • Indian Citizens have resided outside the country for two years and intend on staying in India for a year
  • Foreign nationals produce a visa valid for one year
  • All shipments 100% inspected
  • Sea shipments must be shipped within 30 days of customers arrival and air shipments within 15 days of shippers arrival.


  • Large quantities of cosmetics, toiletries, food, etc.
  • Tobacco and alcohol products (alcoholic products attract duties over 200%)
  • Electronic equipment and appliances (only one of each is allowed)
  • New items and consumables
  • Professional equipment may be imported duty-free with evidence/certificates proving qualifications of profession to Customs
  • Manufacturers cartons should not be used for shipping; it is recommended that goods be re-packed and tags and brochures (for new items) not be put in the cartons
  • Gold or silver in any form other than ornaments


  • Weapons, firearms and ammunition (unless licensed in advance)
  • Live plants
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Pornographic material
  • Narcotics
  • Politically sensitive literature


  • ALL VEHICLES including boats are subject to DUTY and very high taxes
  • Prior to Customs clearance, foreign nationals are required to furnish a bank bond for import trade authorities, stating not to sell the car for a specified period
  • Indians can sell the car immediately upon Customs clearance
  • Indians can import brand new cars up to 1600cc
  • Cars exceeding 1600cc must have been registered in the importers name abroad for at least one year
  • Documents required:
    • Owner’s passport indicating two years residence abroad (original)
    • Manufacturer’s invoice (original)
    • Customs Clearing Permit/Import License
    • Insurance Policy
    • Auto Registration Certificate
    • Keys
    • List of extras and purchase date


  • Health Certificate, rabies and other vaccinations required
  • One only of cat, dog, or parrot


  • All used Household Goods (more than 1 year old) are duty-free
  • All new articles, whether furniture, crockery, etc., are charged a duty of at least 50%.
  • The following items are dutiable at 25% (new or used)
-TV -Air Conditioner
-VCR -Refrigerator
-Washing Machine -Deep Freezer
-LPG cooking Range -Microwave Oven
-Dishwasher -Video Camera
-Music System -Word Processor
-Personal Computer -FAX Machine


  • If the total value of the above items exceeds RS 150,000,(approximately $4250) or items that exceed the one-piece limit will attract a dut of approximately 62%.
NOTE – Customs regulations of India are subject to change at any time. The proceeding information is a brief summary of customs regulations applicable to household goods shipments to India (this destination) and is being provided for general guidance to assist our Agents and Customers. Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance. Always double check with your local embassy or consulate before you make your move to India.
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