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International Student Shipping – Excess Baggage Luggage, Moving & Relocating

Student Shipping

Student friendly Shipping










A Low-Cost Student Shipping Service that Wins Your Trusts 

East End Logistics is a students friendly shipping, cargo, courier company that is able to offerer the students exclusive service for their excess baggage, luggage, moving, relocating, or even sending documents, gifts or parcel delivery requirements. Being close to major universities in London, including Queen Mary University of London, University of East London, London Metropolitan University, Newcastle University London, Anglia Ruskin University London, City University of London, University of Liverpool in London, King’s College London – it is our day to day habit to sever students for all of their shipping requirements.

Don’t overload the taxi and rear of your moms and dad’s automobile or pay a unknown guy in a van; talk to us regarding protected and risk-free transportation of your excess baggage, luggage, moving, relocation, sending documents, gifts and for that we have air cargo, sea cargo, parcel or courier delivery service. We’ll take all your excess baggage and individual items virtually anywhere, across the country or internationally. We also supply a high class storage space – only without the astronomical fees.

Right here’s what we could provide:

> Cardboard boxes delivered to your address,
> Packing materials including parcel tape, bubble wrap and also marker pen.
> Secure Storage for 2 weeks prior to delivering overseas (if required).
> Repacking (after collection) for suitcases, backpacks, bicycles, snowboards, skis, golf bags, guitars, flat-screen TVs, paintings and mounted photos.

Essentially, we’ll turn up at your door, offer you boxes if you need them, accumulate your things as well as transport it to your picked location or, depending on your order, to among our secure storage facilities up until additional notification. So, just what do you think? Can we operate? If so, have a look at our trainee shipping locations for each and every nation.

We’ll take all your excess baggage as well as personal possessions practically anywhere, country wide or globally. In a nutshell, we’ll turn up at your door, offer you boxes if you need them, accumulate your stuff as well as transport it to your chosen destination or, depending on your order, to one of our secure storage centers up until further notice. If so, please call on 02077027005 now or fill the form quotation form.

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Parcel Courier Delivery to Europe

European Road Delivery from the UK

Sending a parcel from the UK to the other parts of Europe is easy as long as you know the right parcel delivery Europe provider, as well as the rules that cover the parcel delivery. It is important to know the taxes and fees, shipping restrictions, as well as courier prohibitions and restrictions.


Taxes and Duties

When it comes to European road delivery from UK to any EU member country, the package is not subjected to customs clearance because it will be considered as in free circulation. The parcel can travel within EU without the need of a customs invoice. The receiver of the package will not have to pay any import tax or duty before receiving it. Keep in mind that not all countries in Europe are part of the EU. Check with non-EU countries about the taxes and duties that you need to pay.


Restrictions in Europe Road Freight

There are some things that you need to consider when employing a cheap courier to Europe. To start with, the courier has prohibitions and restrictions that will decide what you can send or can’t send through their parcel delivery Europe services. Some countries also have restrictions on what you can import into them.


Courier Restrictions

While most of the items that are part of the courier restricted list are common sense, there are still people who are surprised to find out that they can’t send some items through couriers. Some of the items include flammable, corrosive, combustible and other hazardous items that include common cleaning products. Tobacco and alcohol are also not allowed by couriers. Other items not allowed by couriers include money and other tradable items; animal skins and furs; and aerosols, nail vanish, and perfume.

The parcels go through x-rays and screens before they leave the UK to determine if they have prohibited or dangerous goods. It is important to check with the courier and request for a list of prohibited items to avoid delays.


Country Regulations in Europe

While you don’t need to worry about clearing customs if you are sending a package within the EU, you still need to make sure that the products are allowed to be imported into the destination country. Each country has their own regulations when it comes to the importation of goods through European road delivery.

You should make sure that the items you are sending are allowed by the import regulations of the destination country. Failure to do so will result to the package being sent back and you will occur, additional fees.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind when employing the services of a cheap courier to Europe. If you are unsure whether you can send the parcel or not, call the courier and let them check it for you.

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