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Thinking to send Cargo to Bangladesh? 49 Fascinating Facts about Bangladesh.

As a cargo courier company, East End Logistics is very proud to one of the top agent who is sending cargo and courier to Bangladesh for last 10 years. East End Logistics loves Bangladesh and happy to present some facinating facts about Bangladesh.

The country of Bangladesh is located in South Asia. The main name of this beautiful country is the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The country’s population is 163,187,000, making it the 8th most populated nation worldwide. At simply 56,990 square miles, it is the 92nd largest country worldwide. Bangladesh is a unitary legislative republic with a head of government as prime minister and also has a head of state as president. The primary population is Bengali- 98% of the populace falls into this group. The key faith in the country is Islam. The capital city is Dhake, which is also the biggest city in Bangladesh. The official currency is the Taka. The nation’s flag includes a red circle with an amaizing history.

  1. The GDP of Bangladesh is nearly $200 billion.
  2. The nominal GDP per capita is about $4,000.
  3. The Bengalis are the main ethnic group, comprising at least 98% of the population of Bangladesh
  4. Around to 90% of the population are Muslims and follow Islam.
  5. Bangla is the official language of Bangladesh.
  6. Farming is the main industry of the country and more than half of the residents of Bangladesh works in the farming industry.
  7. The left hand is considered unclean, so it is customary to always use the right hand when shaking hands, eating, or passing items to another person.
  8. The counntry has more than 2000 newspaper.
  9. The most popular sport in Bangladesh is cricket.
  10. One of the few country which is unusual in that it has six different seasons. In addition to summer, autumn, winter, and spring, it also has rainy and cool seasons.
  11. In terms of size, Bangladesh is only about one-tenth the size of Alaska of United States.
  12. The Bay of Bengal is the largest bay in the entire world.
  13. Bangladesh is the 8th most populous country in the world.
  14. It is also the fifth most populous country in Asia.
  15. The resources, Dhaka, is the biggest city in Bangladesh.
  16. Bazar Coastline is 75 miles long and is one of the lengthiest beaches on the planet.
  17. There are about 700 rivers moving throughout the country.
  18. 3 of the largest rivers in Asia flow via Bangladesh. Those rivers are the Ganges, the Meghna, as well as the Brahmaputra.
  19. Roughly 67% of the land in Bangladesh is arable.
  20. Three UNESCO Globe Heritage sites lie in Bangladesh, including the Mosque City of Bagerhat.
  21. Rice is a staple food in Bangladesh and is often offered with an assortment of curries.
  22. Three percent of the globe’s tea originates from Bangladesh. The industry additionally employs about 4 million people.
  23. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the country’s nationwide animal.
  24. Bangladesh has a parliamentary republic sort of federal government.
  25. The name “Bangladesh” implies “Country of Bengal.”
  26. Mahasthangarh is the earliest city in Bangladesh.
  27. Dhaka is just one of the biggest cities in the world. It is called the City of Mosques.
  28. The country has the third biggest Muslim populace on the planet.
  29. Much of the country’s historical sites and also landmarks have been ruined by flooding.
  30. Bangladesh has a prime minister that is the head of federal government, as well as a president that is the president.
  31. The head of state is selected by the president. The head of state serves for a total of 5 years per term.
  32. There are about 3,000 people per square mile, making this nation one of one of the most densely populated on earth.
  33. Bangladesh has had a rapidly expanding economy over the last few years, flaunting regarding 6% development each year from 1996 to 2008.
  34. Alluvial soil transferred from the flooding rivers has actually developed perfect problems for farming.
  35. Kabaddi is the nation’s national game. The unique feature of this game is that it has no collection regulations.
  36. Bangladesh has a total of 17 airports. Most Air Cargo from the UK go to Sylhet Airpot (ZYL).
  37. Bangladesh got its independence from Pakistan in 1971.
  38. One of the largest mangrove woodlands in the world lies in Bangladesh.
  39. The national fruit of the country is Jackfruit.
  40. The cyclone of 1970 was one of the country’s worst nationwide catastrophe. It is estimated that as several as 500,000 people were killed.
  41. The Pohela Boishakh is a substantial part of Bengali society. It occurs in April, and it is the country’s new year’s event.
  42. The Sundarbans Delta is the biggest river delta worldwide.
  43. Bengali money, Taka, translates to “currency.”.
  44. The garment industry of Bangladesh is growing, and it is accountable for most of the nation’s exports.
  45. Over 10% of the land is included forests.
  46. Females in rural areas are not called for to participate in school.
  47. Bangladesh commonly sees over 60 inches of rainfall annually, with rains heaviest during monsoon period.
  48. The national flower of the country is Nimphya Lotas.
  49. One of the main producer of Tea.


Bangladesh is a country that has actually dealt with hardships through its flooding, however has taken advantage of the scenario. The flooding has actually made the dirt abundant, providing its people with jobs in farming. Even though most of its historic landmarks have actually been damaged by these all-natural distaters, the culture and also history are still really abundant in this country.

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How to reduce cargo cost

East End Logistics Now offering more destinations around the globe

Cargo to Dubai

Cargo to India

Cargo to Bangladesh

Cargo to Nepal

Cargo to Sri Lanka 

how to reduce cargo cost

1 Choose the smallest possible box. Most of the cargo courier service providers now uses dimensional weight to set charges for shipping. Thus, the price you pay is now the dimensional weight or the actual weight, whichever is greater. Reducing packet size and  packing materials can reduce your shipping costs and keep you from incurring extra charges you won't be able to recover from your customer

2. Most of parcel/cargo sender ends up paying extra just only not for choosing right service. Select the right service.Unless you need a package to arrive the next morning, you don't need to incur the extra cost of air shipping.


3. Negotiate with multiple companies . All shipping companies have pricing schedules based on volume: The more you ship, the lower your rate. But small businesses often don't realize they also may have negotiating power, says Jack Mitchell, president of PANCGroup, a Boston-based parcel appraisal and negotiations consulting firm. If you ship large numbers of packages, compare prices and try to persuade carriers to offer lower rates.
4. Use packaging provided by your carrier. If you use your own packaging, you could face additional "dimensional fees" if your box exceeds the size regulations set by UPS and FedEx. To avoid those extra charges, consider using the packaging provided by your carrier, which doesn't have dimensional fees. By putting a one-pound box into a FedEx envelope, for example,DuBois cut his shipping cost by 15 percent.
5. Ask about association discounts. Find out if your industry's professional association has a partnership with a carrier that offers member discounts. Depending on the size of the association, you could be eligible for discounted rates of up to 50 percent on certain services with carriers like FedEx and UPS.

-by East End Logistics & Digital Marketing Partner

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Why Send Cargo to Bangladesh with East End Logistics?

East End Logistics have been experts in providing cargo air freight solution to Bangladesh.
For Affordable air cargo to Bangladesh please get in touch by calling now 02077027005.
As a major company, East End Logistics has the ability to provide the affordable rate for the UK’s leading Worldwide parcel distribution solutions. Schedule online as well as at your personal comfort with the included assurance understanding that parcel shipment solutions used on our web sites coincide you would certainly obtain if reserving straight with the providers– the only distinction is the rate!
East End Logistics is a reputable brand name in the Bangladeshi community in the UK with two offices in London as well as numerous partner offices around the UK. We’ll provide you with the extent to take care of the biggest deliveries with an individual touch. We are the straight Bangladesh cargo agent for sending out freight to Bangladesh. We provide expert solutions by air, sea as well as by road for both export as well as import motions, consisting of a complete custom-made brokerage firm solution throughout the UK.
Send out cargo to Bangladesh from the UK by air for inexpensive costs, any kind of sorts of items from throughout the UK to throughout Bangladesh. For fast solution as well as economical cargo prices for Bangladesh, please get in touch with us on 02077027005. East End Logistics is a Worldwide freight delivery firm with a wonderful experience in sending out affordable cargo to Bangladesh. Currently, assures to provide a terrific level of benefit as well as openness to all those that wish to send cargo to Bangladesh from London. We never ever bill any type of concealed charges as well as cases to be the most inexpensive provider for anybody that intends to deliver products to Bangladesh.
East End Logistics is providers of nationwide as well as worldwide cargo freight forwarding solutions. Special deal for Air cargo to Bangladesh from the UK. We are offering air freight solution to throughout Bangladesh. We provide least expensive freight prices for Bangladesh.
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International Student Shipping – Excess Baggage Luggage, Moving & Relocating

Student Shipping

Student friendly Shipping










A Low-Cost Student Shipping Service that Wins Your Trusts 

East End Logistics is a students friendly shipping, cargo, courier company that is able to offerer the students exclusive service for their excess baggage, luggage, moving, relocating, or even sending documents, gifts or parcel delivery requirements. Being close to major universities in London, including Queen Mary University of London, University of East London, London Metropolitan University, Newcastle University London, Anglia Ruskin University London, City University of London, University of Liverpool in London, King’s College London – it is our day to day habit to sever students for all of their shipping requirements.

Don’t overload the taxi and rear of your moms and dad’s automobile or pay a unknown guy in a van; talk to us regarding protected and risk-free transportation of your excess baggage, luggage, moving, relocation, sending documents, gifts and for that we have air cargo, sea cargo, parcel or courier delivery service. We’ll take all your excess baggage and individual items virtually anywhere, across the country or internationally. We also supply a high class storage space – only without the astronomical fees.

Right here’s what we could provide:

> Cardboard boxes delivered to your address,
> Packing materials including parcel tape, bubble wrap and also marker pen.
> Secure Storage for 2 weeks prior to delivering overseas (if required).
> Repacking (after collection) for suitcases, backpacks, bicycles, snowboards, skis, golf bags, guitars, flat-screen TVs, paintings and mounted photos.

Essentially, we’ll turn up at your door, offer you boxes if you need them, accumulate your things as well as transport it to your picked location or, depending on your order, to among our secure storage facilities up until additional notification. So, just what do you think? Can we operate? If so, have a look at our trainee shipping locations for each and every nation.

We’ll take all your excess baggage as well as personal possessions practically anywhere, country wide or globally. In a nutshell, we’ll turn up at your door, offer you boxes if you need them, accumulate your stuff as well as transport it to your chosen destination or, depending on your order, to one of our secure storage centers up until further notice. If so, please call on 02077027005 now or fill the form quotation form.

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Door to Door Parcel Courier Cargo to India

Cheapest Cargo, Courier to India.

Cheapest door to door Parcel to India


Save Money and time

Affordable Courier Cargo to India

Door To Door Cargo Courier Service

East End Logistics is the leading Cargo sending company to India from UK since 2008.

Cheapest way to send courier and parcel to India is East End Logistics. We also have cheapest Air freight to India. At East End Logistics, we provide a 100% door to door Courier Parcel Cargo service to India. We’ll pick from your UK or Europe address and deliver to your address anywhere in India. India is the world’s largest democracy in the world and home of about 1.2 billion people. India has strong historical, community and commercial links to the UK. This means that there’s frequent cargo, courier, parcel and postal traffic between India and the UK.

Please Contact US for Details

When you choose East End Logistics to deliver your cargo, courier, parcel and package delivery to India, we’ll give you the option to choose the world’s best and most reliable international services available in the market. East End Logistics draws on more than 10 years industry experience to ensure you receive a service that’s fast, secure and value for money – every single time you need to send a cargo, courier, parcel and package delivery to India.

We have the three of most popular ways to send your goods, parcel, Excess Baggage or gift to India in hand. With Express Courier to India, Door to Door Cargo to India and Air Freight to India your goods and packages such as personal effects, excess baggage and unaccompanied excess baggage will be shipped to India fast and secure. Our Airport to Airport Services, Door to Door Services, Door to Airport Services and Airport to Door Air Freight services are reliable and promise to provide it to host of destinations in India. In fact, our distinctive Door to Door Air Freight / cargo service caters to any destination in India.

We at East End Logistics take pride in the fact the we are the first choice for various corporate houses, exporters and trading houses that rely on our speed, smooth and efficient delivery for all of their cargo shipments to India. We also have a huge client base of students and individuals who are returning back to their homeland after years spent in the UK.



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Air freight Door to Door Cargo to Bangladesh from the UK









With 7 years of experience of sending cargo to Bangladesh, East End Logistics provides the most smooth, secure and safe cargo service to Bangladesh. We are happy to provide to our consumers our service of cargo to Bangladesh within 3-5 days


– All freight is reduce covered as well as safeguarded to stay clear of any kind of problems or problems on the trip

– Price consists of personalised Bangladesh custom clearance as well as the delivery to near to your door by SA Paribahan or Jononi Paribahan.

– We could likewise organise residence distribution if necessary. –
There is nothing else cost to pay – Custom gotten rid of by us prepared for send off from the UK to Bangladesh. Our specialized group will certainly be at hand ensuring every little thing goes efficiently and also you obtain your delivery sent out to Bangladesh with no problem or anxiety.

– We provide professional wrapping service for all of our customer who would like to send cargo to Bangladesh
– Up pick up from all over the UK for make our customers life easier for them to smoothly send cargo to Bnagladesh
– We provide special service for cargo commercial goods to Bangladesh
– Our agents enjoys special rates for cargo to Bangladesh

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Shipping Courier Parcel Letter to USA from UK











Sending a parcel to the USA? At East End Logistics, we offer both quick, next-day USA parcel distribution together with cheap economy delivery to the USA from everywhere across the UK. Our substantial purchasing power allows us to offer prices that are even below the standard rates for shipping to the USA by the major shipping services including DHL, UPS, FedEx, Parcelforce. Unlike sending article to the USA, East End Logistics gives quickly shipping with real-time parcel monitoring tracking facility. All our shipments provide authorised for distribution, as specification.

Delivering from the UK to the USA, is not as simple as sending out a package deal down the roadway. There are documents and personalised clearance to think about, consider, or even how you can securely package your parcel. However do not stress, whether you’re sending airmail or sending food, shipping luggage or sending out gifts to the USA, East End Logistics fully extensive service provides you with everything you require to understand about sending out parcels to America.

Get in touch with us today on 020 7702 7005 or email or get a quotation. 

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Shipping Air Freight, Cargo of Personal Effects, Excess Luggage to India from UK

Cargo to India

Cargo to all over India by East End Logistics











Exporting as well as Shipping Air Freight, Cargo of Personal Effects, Excess Luggage to India from UK

East End Logistics is professional in global exporting as well as shipping of personal goods, excess baggage, air cargo to India from UK. We have some of the most affordable air freight rates to India, and also our rates include all costs of exporting your individual things from UK up to the location airport terminal at India as well as direct to your door all over India.

Procedure For Shipping Air Cargo to India

Contact us with the weight of your package/baggage/luggage as well as the measurements of your baggage or box. We require the length, width, as well as height of your box or luggage. There is no minimum weight of air freight shipment to India. There is no maximum weight, as well as you can send as high as you yearn for. We provide discounts for items more than 30kgs for cargo to India.

We will then email you an air freight packaging list which you need to finish to enable us to provide you a precise quote along with to enable us to make a booking.

When we verify the booking for sending your cargo from the UK to India, you can either drop your cargo to a local post office or we can arrange the collection from home or work in anywhere in the UK.

Once we will get your goods in our hand. we’ll email you the invoice. Upon your payment we will certainly ship your cargo to India and provide you the tracking information.

Get in touch with us with the weight of your cargo and the measurements of your luggage, baggage or box and we’ll provide you the best rate and the safe and secure cargo service to India.

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Cheapest Air Cargo Service to Nepal from the UK










East End Logistics will certainly go to any type of lengths or statures to guarantee that your products obtain their end safely as well as offer you options on offer when you have to send out air cargo to Nepal from UK.

East End Logistics is a leading firm in UK giving cargo forwarding, excess baggage delivery, air cargo, sea cargo and freight shipping to different parts of the globe. Our devotion as well as effort has assisted us to gain a large no of valued consumers who constantly utilize our companies whenever they have to send cargo to Nepal or anywhere else.

In case you need to chase after down a reduced expense cargo delivery business to send out air cargo to Nepal, you need to look no additionally. Schedule and pay to send out an air cargo to Nepal quickly and successfully through our site, and also when your plan is prepared you can get a pick up prepared

Later on you can rest in peace and also merely examine its innovation using our freight radar by simply going into the freight tracking no provided to you.

Contact us to schedule your cargo to Nepal from UK. 

Charges in the table are Flight terminal to Flight terminal air cargo rates to Nepal from UK. Cargo service by East End Logistics, which is a reputed firm which supplies the finest and also cheapest rates in industry for cargo to Nepal. Once again, East End Logistics cargo service to Nepal is one of the very couple of firms who have their very own network for distributing your cargo in Nepal.

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Cheapest Cargo to India – How it works

How to Book a Door to Door Cargo to India?

East End Logistics providing cargo to India service since 2009. We have express courier, door to door cargo and air freight to international airport services to send excess baggage, luggage, gifts, goods, personal effects. documents, letters. We offer low-cost door to door air cargo to all over India. Here are few steps to book your door to door cargo to India with East End Logistics who provide safe, secure and reliable service:

Step 1

> Pack your shipment, baggage, luggage, personal effect in 30kg maximum weight in one package.

> If you have more than one package, weight individual package.

> Take the dimensions of your packages (height, width and length) in centimetre. This will determine the Volumetric Weight of your shipment.

> While you are packing please make a detail packing list of your items.

Step 2

> You could calculate the shipping cost from our published on our website.

> Or call us on 020 7702 7005 or fill the QUOTE form to discuss the rate and cost.

Step 3

> Once you are ready, we’ll collect your packages from your address in the UK for free. We’ll arrange Parcelforce or UPS to collect your packages from your address for that we need 24hours notice. Parcelforce or UPS will bring the items to our depot in East London, where we’ll weight the items and we’ll send you the invoice.

> We’ll need the full detail packing list and recipient’s name, address with post code and phone number and a copy of their ID.

Step 4

> Once the invoice is paid, we’ll provide you the tracking number for your item which will reach your destination door in India in 5-7 working day.


Important Note:

> Our door to door cargo to India is suitable for used household goods and personal effects.

 > This door to door service to India is not suitable for TV, VCR, WASHING MACHINE, MOBILE PHONE, LAPTOP, COMPUTER, LPG COOKING RANGE, MUSIC SYSTEM, AC, REFRIGERATOR, MICROWAVE OVEN, VIDEO CAMERA. If you would like to send these and other white goods, you could use our Air Freight service– with that we’ll send your goods to the nearest international airport in India.

> Calculate the volumetric ( Height in CM x Length in CM x Weight in CM / 5000 = Volumetric weight) and if it is more than your total actual weight then you’ll be charged according to your volumetric weight.

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