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East End Logistics is the leading Cargo sending company to India from UK since 2008.

Cheapest way to send courier and parcel to India is East End Logistics. We also have cheapest Air freight to India. At East End Logistics, we provide a 100% door to door Courier Parcel Cargo service to India. We’ll pick from your UK or Europe address and deliver to your address anywhere in India. India is the world’s largest democracy in the world and home of about 1.2 billion people. India has strong historical, community and commercial links to the UK. This means that there’s frequent cargo, courier, parcel and postal traffic between India and the UK.

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When you choose East End Logistics to deliver your cargo, courier, parcel and package delivery to India, we’ll give you the option to choose the world’s best and most reliable international services available in the market. East End Logistics draws on more than 10 years industry experience to ensure you receive a service that’s fast, secure and value for money – every single time you need to send a cargo, courier, parcel and package delivery to India.

We have the three of most popular ways to send your goods, parcel, Excess Baggage or gift to India in hand. With Express Courier to India, Door to Door Cargo to India and Air Freight to India your goods and packages such as personal effects, excess baggage and unaccompanied excess baggage will be shipped to India fast and secure. Our Airport to Airport Services, Door to Door Services, Door to Airport Services and Airport to Door Air Freight services are reliable and promise to provide it to host of destinations in India. In fact, our distinctive Door to Door Air Freight / cargo service caters to any destination in India.

We at East End Logistics take pride in the fact the we are the first choice for various corporate houses, exporters and trading houses that rely on our speed, smooth and efficient delivery for all of their cargo shipments to India. We also have a huge client base of students and individuals who are returning back to their homeland after years spent in the UK.