How to Book a Door to Door Cargo to India?

East End Logistics providing cargo to India service since 2009. We have express courier, door to door cargo and air freight to international airport services to send excess baggage, luggage, gifts, goods, personal effects. documents, letters. We offer low-cost door to door air cargo to all over India. Here are few steps to book your door to door cargo to India with East End Logistics who provide safe, secure and reliable service:

Step 1

> Pack your shipment, baggage, luggage, personal effect in 30kg maximum weight in one package.

> If you have more than one package, weight individual package.

> Take the dimensions of your packages (height, width and length) in centimetre. This will determine the Volumetric Weight of your shipment.

> While you are packing please make a detail packing list of your items.

Step 2

> You could calculate the shipping cost from our published on our website.

> Or call us on 020 7702 7005 or fill the QUOTE form to discuss the rate and cost.

Step 3

> Once you are ready, we’ll collect your packages from your address in the UK for free. We’ll arrange Parcelforce or UPS to collect your packages from your address for that we need 24hours notice. Parcelforce or UPS will bring the items to our depot in East London, where we’ll weight the items and we’ll send you the invoice.

> We’ll need the full detail packing list and recipient’s name, address with post code and phone number and a copy of their ID.

Step 4

> Once the invoice is paid, we’ll provide you the tracking number for your item which will reach your destination door in India in 5-7 working day.


Important Note:

> Our door to door cargo to India is suitable for used household goods and personal effects.

 > This door to door service to India is not suitable for TV, VCR, WASHING MACHINE, MOBILE PHONE, LAPTOP, COMPUTER, LPG COOKING RANGE, MUSIC SYSTEM, AC, REFRIGERATOR, MICROWAVE OVEN, VIDEO CAMERA. If you would like to send these and other white goods, you could use our Air Freight service– with that we’ll send your goods to the nearest international airport in India.

> Calculate the volumetric ( Height in CM x Length in CM x Weight in CM / 5000 = Volumetric weight) and if it is more than your total actual weight then you’ll be charged according to your volumetric weight.