Yes, it is possible to save money: Transporting your belongings to another location when you move can be quite pricey if you are unfamiliar with what to do. From your clothing to furniture and everything in between, shipping these items across the country can end up costing you. There are many of options available for you when you have to send excess baggage or luggage to a new location. These options are based on what types of things you are sending, such as shipping household goods, the quantity, your budget and how quickly you need things to arrive at the new location.


Available Shipping Options: If you are in need of sending your goods quickly, you may opt for a professional removal company for the best budget friendly and affordable option. This is because these shipping options are based on the rates and sizes of your unaccompanied luggage and baggage being shipped. If you are in need of shipping personal effects or gifts but don’t need to do so in a rush manner, you could save some money shipping your unaccompanied luggage and baggage through sea freight shipping options. This could take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to get to its destination, but it is cheaper which could save you on those heavier, furniture type items.


Pack Everything Yourself: If you are able to packing all your belongings, you could save additional funds in shipping household goods. This will allow you to have everything ready to go and be shipped when the removal and packing company arrives to your home. Saving time in having to have the company packs and provide your boxes and other packaging goods can save you money in your moving budget.


Air Freight: For others taking your additional luggage through the air and having it shipped could be the cheapest option available. It’s best to check with the airline companies ahead of time to find out their fees and rates. Typically, if you are flying with the airline as well, you will be allowed a few bags for free. The rest may need to be shipped separately for an additional fee. This could be more affordable for you, depending on how much and what you are shipping.


Conclusion: Sending your unaccompanied luggage or baggage doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Instead, there are a variety of shipping options available to you that will allow you to save money and still get all your goods to your new destination on time. It’s best to do your research ahead of time to find the best and most affordable option. Check the pros and cons of all available options to find what works best.