The truth is that there is a wide array of situations which may require considering options for shipping your excess baggage to another country. In any case, the most important thing that you’d have to account for is the reliability of the shipping carrier. East End Logistics is a company with extensive background and a lot of time worth of professional experience in the shipping field. We offer affordable shipping services of the highest quality in order to ensure that we meet the requests and demands of our customer. We thrive in delivering your luggage on time and at the desired location. Our company is here to ensure a hassle-free and incredibly smooth transportation process in order to make you feel safe about your personal belongings.


Cheap Excess Baggage Luggage Delivery Before or After a Long Holiday

You’ve planned the longest holiday of the year because you’ve finally managed to take enough days off from work. You intend to go on an exotic sea trip on the opposite side of the world, and you’ve commenced packing. Accounting for everything that could possibly go wrong, you’ve neatly packed up your bags to their very limits. You’ve weighed them prior to getting to the airport simply because you don’t want to take any chances. All seems fine. All but one – you’ve forgotten the returning trip and all the souvenirs and additional baggage that you’d come home with. Don’t worry – East End Logistics is going to take care of it. With global coverage, all you need to do is inform us about your current whereabouts and we’ll pick up those extra bags, and we’d provide you with door to door unaccompanied luggage baggage shipping for your own convenience.


A Variety of Shipping Options

East End Logistics is well aware of the time and effort that the different shipping options are going to take. This is why we are presenting our customers with tailored services which are appropriate for their particular and individual situation. By offering both air freight and sea freight for excess baggage, we cover all the possibilities to deliver the perfect service at the best price.

Shipping Your Excess Baggage has never been easier. All you need to do is pick up the phone and contact us to get you all sorted out. Our global coverage ensures that we can cater to your every particular demand, regardless of the collecting or unloading destination. We offer door to door unaccompanied luggage baggage shipping in order to allow you to use your time to its fullest potential and never worry about your baggage.